Our trail to happiness !

Our trail to happiness !

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

we got this!! (our new motto) July 6th,10th&14th

- July 6th was to be mine and Kizz's first real accomplishment

 Kaaren arrived on Odin her young endurance horse, I was already mounted and waiting (I was worried how I'd mount with Kizz prancing around looking at this new horse! ) She said she'd like to hose Magic off so I dismounted and got the garden hose hooked up and going.

After when I went to mount Kizz surprised me and stood quietly for me to mount!!

We headed out to the new trails, we did the muddy puddle area without as much fuss but was right on Odin's butt going through. (no tree hugging this time haha)  we trotted some more on the trails and eventually found the way to that logging road that goes to Kaaren's house.  We got onto that road and trotted a bit. Kizz was excellent! he was having a bit of a hard time keeping up with Odin's trot (he's like a trotting machine haha) but he just kept at it but felt he was pushing himself and wanted to canter but didn't break into it (and I was too nervous to ask!)

 We came to a spot on the trail up a slope that Odin cantered and Kizz immediately picked up a canter!! He did great and felt very under control and felt much less stressed! I was sooo happy!! This was the first time I had cantered him since the indoor arena over a year ago! What a feeling!

 We had some trouble later on the trail getting him to cross some tiny ditches that I found his stubborn streak lol ( he just stops and cocks his leg and says NO ) after much dismounting and crossing and mounting and crossing we got over them a few times. (I had a good work out, burned over 1100 calories according to my HRM haha )

It was a Ground breaking ride in my issues and I think he clicked in that this is what we are going to now be doing!! He might even like it!!
We rode 2 hr, 45 min and did 9 miles!

- July 10  our next ride was great too!  Kaaren rode Coby while I rode Kizz, We went out the trails and later crossed the road and went along it for bit across the road first time . He spooked a bit at the trot at some ant hills and was scared of the gravestones as we rode along side the graveyard, we had a car go by us on the pavement and he didn't mind at all!

We had trouble crossing a fairly big ditch that he couldn't jump but would have to go down and up over it.. She had to lead us over it (grabbing a rein and riding along side me) but he went through it after that, then on the way back over it -he went but after a bunch of prodding and Coby coming back and going through it with us.

We rode on the rail way bed which is lovely footing and wide open and straight ,Kizz even wanted to take the lead and trotted right along! (we were with Coby so we left Kaaren and Coby in the dust haha ) it was really easy to tell this ride that KIZZ is LOVING it!!! yahooo!!!

Kaaren said she can tell Kizz and I are starting to become a team and she can really tell both of our confidence is building!! we did 7.7 miles

Kizz and I on the railway bed

-July 14th, Kaaren again brings her younger Endurance horse (as that is who she'll be riding with me in the JP in Aug)

We head down the trails to get to the rail way again where we can do some trotting. On the way Kizz lead the way through the narrow rocky path that he usually has to follow a horse through! I was pleased!

 We trotted a lot down the trails TO the railway bed, Kizz enjoyed himself, we picked up a canter again on the nice road to keep up with Odin's trot. He seems much more comfortable at the canter.  We trotted almost the whole way into Millville, then crossed the road, on the other side we went up the tracks some until we came to the stream ..there was a nice little trail that takes you right to the stream (It had a huge puddle that you couldn't get around that we had to go through but kizz went right through it, he rushed and wasn't happy but we did it! At the stream Kaaren and Odin had to come back and LEAD us again into the stream but he went.. It was his VERY first time standing in water like that!! he sloshed hiimself with his wet tail and scared himself but he cooled off a bit , had a drink and stood still. Once I gave him the go ahead to leave, he bounded out of the water and through the trail back to the rail way. (it was like he said, I'm gonna DO it, but i ain't Gonna LIKE it! lol )
Kizz took the lead and even cantered off and on on cue coming back on the trail some and he did great, we had a great ride! I'm feeling really like we can do this JP coming up!!

We did 11 miles!

our next plans are to trailer out this upcoming Sunday to a stables where we will see how he reacts to being somewhere new and ride! Hope it's as fun as all our adventure so far!!

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