Our trail to happiness !

Our trail to happiness !

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Kizz gives kisses

After a good month of groceries and a farrier coming to trim our little guy he gets his name.  This little red horse loves to touch noses.. so so cute.. he gets his name Kizz . His registered name is Pizzazzfsi So figure adding some Z's is the ticket :)

Kizz puts on quite a bit of weight after just 30 days of good food and a blanket . It's cold out now and the blanket really helps to save his energy for building muscle and fat. He love his food and digs in with gusto ! The only thing we notice is he is very very scared of the big water tank we have the horses drink from. So he is watered out of a smaller bucket for now.

Kizz gets used to grooming, halters, leading , picking up his feet and getting better balance. As his feet come down from being blocky and looking club footed, (which a friend of my figures he isn't at all club footed, he just stomped off his toe in all the dry dry weather there was in Ont that year , and with no farrier work he has become very blocky and looks club footed) I take her advice and just keep his heels as low as we can. He comes along very nicely and within 6 months all but his front right are perfect angles! The right front is close but wont come down, so we figure it's best to leave it where it is.

kizz is growing into a lovely boy and is making us all proud with his progress, he still trips and even trips so bad he falls sometimes! but we think he may be a tiny bit over at the knee, and just needs some good food and time to run around in a big pasture!

He is a sweet good natured boy even though he is nervous of many things! He makes us so happy!

kizz with his 2 pasture buddies 

kizz growing up! 

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