Our trail to happiness !

Our trail to happiness !

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

the beginning of our journey

our story begins when one day online I see a lady selling two beautiful registered arabian colts.. one a coal black weanling and one a leggy thin chestnut with plenty of Chrome yearling. I have ALWAYS wanted another Arabian (my first horse was a more-ab and the go go go attitude was perfect for great trail riding fun! My gelding I have now is bred for Western pleasure and while he is worth his weight in gold to tote around kids safely and jog or lope around a ring, he just wasn't trail material.  ) So being a PAINT lover and Arabian lover, this guy was my DREAM horse!! not only is an Arabian, but he's a sabino to boot!!

 I contact the lady asking what her price is on the yearling. She replys that Fonzi is $2500 , There was no way I could afford Fonzi as well as his trailering from Ontario to my home in NB. I am sad but know it just wasn't meant to be for me and Fonzi.

A few weeks later, another post arrives on my friends page, saying the yearling is the only one left and needs to GO, she will give him away if someone get him ASAP. I then message her and ask for her number!! I call her and after a nice long chat she and I make a plan for Fonzi to come live with me!! I'm so excited I can't begin to explain!

The trailer arrives a week later we are estatic hooking up our trailer to go meet them at the highway.. we are waiting when it pulls in and a man gets out and says "he trailered well!"

He opens up the trailer and my first look of my colt is sad to say the least..he's in horrible shape, thin with a horrible unhealthy coat and 4 very clubbed feet!!! he trips coming down the trailer ramp a few times.. We load him and take him home..

once home we unload and blanket the poor sorry looking colt. We offer him water and hay..he doesn't seem interested in anything but meeting his new barn friends..my paint gelding Coby & my husbands yearling Paint filly Katra
kizz his first day home with us

 so after he's introduced over the fence to our two paints , I'm left alone with hiim in his stall ..watching for him to eat some.. I feel his ribs under his blanket and rub him all over . It's easy to see he wasn't touched much he's very nervous of it.  I get to his chest and scratch and after a bit he sees he likes it. he settles his head in my hands and I am so shocked at the beauty of it!! it's so dished and Arabian like!

 I leave him in the barn and head to the house. I feel like emailing or calling the lady I got him from asking why he is in such poor shape, but I do not. He is mine now and will never be hungry or neglected again.  It is a few months before the previous owner and I discuss why he is so skinny and scared.

but for now I still have hopes he and I will be best of friends and maybe some day trail partners!

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