Our trail to happiness !

Our trail to happiness !

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

my next hurdle

Winter comes and snow gets deep quickly.. no more riding for me!

Kizz and Coby luckily are back to being buddies and get along great!!  it's a blessing!!

I groom and love them lots over the winter, I even get out for a few bareback snow rides on Coby and I decide its time I get brave enough and hop on Kizz bareback!! It goes great! We just walk around and he avoids puddles left from some warm weather and melting snow. I just love my boy!! I am so much happier! my whole life shows it too, everyone can tell!

Over the winter I have decided it Is time for me to get into shape. I've been overweight for a long time, I can't get down on the floor to play with my kids, my knees hurt, and my back aches at night. I need to get in healthier shape! In the spring I join a boot camp 30 minutes away. I go 2x a week and work out with a lovely group of ladies.  I start to loose some weight and feel great, I LOVE this!!

Spring arrives I'm feeling so much more confident in myself and happy, I invite Nicole, a childhood friend who always had horses up to ride with me! She can ride Coby and I'll ride Kizz.. I'm so excited to show her my horses, she's never seen them.

I haven't rode Kizz since my short bareback ride in the driveway and a little tune up ride the night before but I'm feeling some false confidence haha

Off we go! Kizz is feeling quite excited and hyper I can tell from the way he is stepping off , about halfway out the pasture along a turn in the trail along the field, I suggest we trot a little to help them blow off some steam. I touch Kizz's sides lightly and cluck (Been riding Coby too much!! I normally ONLY cluck to kizz!)

Kizz jumps forward then puts his head down and starts bucking ! Even quiet calm Coby kicks up his heels a bit!!  I'm unseated and realize I'm going down .. I pick a side/spot empty of kicking hoofs and bail!

Kizz of course stops as soon as I'm off , looks at me really funny.. then as I'm getting up to grab him... he seees his chance and takes off galloping and tearing around the field. GREAT

A half an hour later , Kizz runs out of steam and slows down, another 10 minutes or so he stops and lets me catch him. Now that he's all worked up, sweating and even more excitable than he was before I'm nervous to get on. But I know we can leave it that way. I remount and we continue on our way. A few more times he starts to crow hop a little but I yell and we get over it. The branches laying on the trail touching his legs makes him kick and dance ..We don't ride very far and turn around and head home. Once my friend has went home and I'm alone, I get thinking..many things run through my mind.. I can't do this! I'm not brave enough (or obviously smart enough) to start a horse! He's never going to make a good trail horse being scared of branches and puddles, He's too much for me, I'm a timid rider, we just aren't going to work out :(

I again give up ..

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