Our trail to happiness !

Our trail to happiness !

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Kizz leaves for another province , another home.. a new start for him

The decision made, I post about it on my Facebook page, that I am thinking of selling my boy..  luckily a good friend of mine Robyn in NS contacts me right away and says she wants him! we make a deal for him to leave the very next day. I'm in complete SHOCK! I believe it is fate and tell my husband at supper that night in tears. He says I shouldn't go through with it, Kizz is too important to me. I agree, he IS too important for me to leave sitting in the pasture and do nothing with him. HE and Coby fighting is just not going to work either.

The next day, a trailer comes. He loads up great and off he goes. After a few more days of tears and pain, I decide I can not be upset over this.. It was my decision, it was best for him and it's done.

 My friend keeps me well updated on how he's doing and how much she adores him.

 It 's painful to see, but also great when she shares some pictures of her sitting on him!! It is bittersweet to see him learning some new things as well as heartbreaking that someone else was sitting on my horse for his first time. :(

                                              Kizz's first ride with my good friend Robyn- Jan 2012

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