Our trail to happiness !

Our trail to happiness !

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Getting used to each other

 Kizz grows nicely and we become the best of friends, he is unlike any other horse I've ever owed.. I feel he really is attached to ME , and knows who his owner is..  All my other horses, even my first horse whom I had a wonderful bond with didn't seem to differentiate between myself and whoever else was feeding them. Kizz seemed to care who was handling him!

I also have to work to get used to the quick way he moves and how fast he reacts!  I am so used to my quiet easy going paints!! Around the time he becomes 2 I become pregnant. My new husband and I are thrilled to be having a child together. ( I have 2 wonderful boys from previous marriages)  It does put a bit of a stall on any training I had planned , I got very sick and didn't care to do anything with the horses other than pets and cuddles..

Kizz gets his first bath the summer he turns two, and learns to lead better (he always tends to jump on the person leading him if something spooks him) and will NOT walk through a puddle EVER.

We are renting at this time, and decide to buy a piece of property from Chris' grandfather that isn't very far from where we are then and move.. We buy an old mobile home and start building on it and fixing it up. We move the horses in early Dec 2008  I'm very happy with how Kizz hops on the trailer and handles it like a pro! The paints load up great as well and we're on our way!

It is much more windy here on Maple Ridge and cold, the horses shiver even in the barn! we decide we need to blanket all 3 horses.

So his 2 year old year comes and goes quickly with little work to the poor guy.. but he's enjoying playing and running with his friends and just being a horse, I have LOTS of time to get him started, right??

Kizz & his buddy Coby playing in the snow on a warm day on Maple Ridge

buddies Kizz & Coby 

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