Our trail to happiness !

Our trail to happiness !

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Kaaren to the rescue again

A few weeks later, I get thinking.. I can't leave it at this! I just Can't, we've come so far!! Maybe I should board him out again, use a ring and do more ring work, or have a group of people to go out on little trail rides with.

 I ask Kaaren if I could hire her to trailer Kizz somewhere for me. I explain to her I need to do something to help me with my confidence.  She mentions she doesn't think the key to getting over my fears isn't boarding out. She asks if there is anything she can do to help?

So I swallow my pride and ask her to come up and ride Kizz herself!  She says she's not sure how it will help me gain my confidence on Kizz, but if its what I'd like she will do it!  I think seeing someone doing things with Kizz that I am too nervous to do will boost my confidence that he CAN handle those things!

June 19th , Kaaren comes up and we saddle Kizz  up and lunge him. I tell her he is very good and never bucks or acts foolish, the only thing he does is he will race around at the canter when he gets towards the open part of the field (out of the corner)
boy did he make me out to be a liar!! he bucked and pulled and acted Foolish!!! What a horse!

He eventually got settled down and used to her (he's very sensitive to where you look and how you move!) she brought him up to where I ride at the top of my driveway and got on him. She rode him around working on bending and she did some things he hadn't done before. After a while, he of course- as always got bored of that stuff and started to ignore her. She kept giving him pressure didn't let up and kept at it more and more until he paid attention and moved!  It was good to see how he reacted to being pushed (rather than me just pussy footing around him and quitting before he might get upset)

It all went well, she said she had a good time! We made plans for her to come back soon as we'd go out on a trail with her riding him!

So on June 23rd, Kaaren came up again, and this time we saddled right up and went down the driveway, along the road and out the access road to the fields.. We got to the trails and we went for 2 hours! we came to a very small ditch in the trail that kizz would NOT step over.. she pushed and pushed him ! It was so good for me to see that he wasn't going to BLOW UP over being pushed a little! After some hard work on her part, she got Kizz over the ditch a few times and the rest of our ride went well!

Back in the fields she asked me to stop and wait and she trotted Kizz out into the big open field! He did great, no bolting off into the sunset , no foolishness at all! HE did it!! it was so good for me to see!!

another great ride came to an end and I felt so good about it!!! we had went for 2 hours!

We made plans for our next ride ..

The next ride we went for another nice long ride, She trotted Kizz in the pasture on the way out this time and he was perfect. We explored some new trails, went up and down some steep areas (where kizz had Kaaren holding on his mane and he didn't mind at all ), he really seemed to start to enjoy this!!!

  I told Kaaren , I was now ready to get back on my horse!! I was still nervous of course but I felt it was time. I didn't want to leave it long enough that I was working myself up to be nervous about it more! so we made plans for the next ride!!

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