Our trail to happiness !

Our trail to happiness !

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

still new to this! Kizz & I trying out trails

I 'm feeling so good about this.. No less nervous about our next upcoming ride but at least I got 1 trail ride in and survived! surely Kizz wasn't going to kill me on our 2nd ride! lol

December comes and we get in another ride, It goes great! I feel like I'm just sitting on Kizz's back and am a passenger though. I let him move and go where he wants basically. I am scared to touch his sides for fear he will jump ahead bolting off.  We got through the fields and went into a trail . We did fairly well! Kizz was hesitant to do new things and luckily there were no puddles or ditches for us to encounter !

We chat more about endurance riding, and I start to wonder if maybe in a few years Kizz and I could do it! My daughter would be in school in a couple years and I would surely by then be riding alone and confident and could get the miles in needed to get us in shape!? What fun would that be!?! My new goal has been set!! by 2014 I plan to be riding on trails getting in shape for some actual endurance rides in 2015!! Kizz would be 9 and I'd be 37! would we be too old? we were going to see!

On the way back along the tree line Kaaren suggests we pick a spot and pick up a trot, I stick close to Coby and the woods on the other side I feel prepared. I cluck (with no pressure from my legs) and he picks up a nice little Trot! First time on trail! We trot to a turn and slow down. We survived!!!

another great ride, not long but I felt we accomplished a alot! met Hubby on the trail with the 4 wheeler and he graciously grabbed a pic of Kizz & I and Kaaren & Coby

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