Our trail to happiness !

Our trail to happiness !

Friday, July 19, 2013

"Dirt bikes and 4 wheelers" July 18 2013 ride

Kizz and I had a wonderful ride last night! Kaaren came up and rode Coby with us. We did one of the first trails we ever did. The ditch that Kaaren had such trouble getting Kizz to cross that first time, he walked right over it! (Coby went along ahead of us though) most of he way he was uncertain and stayed in behind Coby.
We came out onto the road and went down along it some. We only had one car go by and one truck , he didn't mind at all.. It's one of my fears - that he'll jump out in front of a car because he's concentrating on something new and scary away from the road. He has serious tunnel vision sometimes!

We turned in on the old dirt road that circles back behind my house and takes you into Millville. The whole way Kizz was staying right behind Coby and wouldn't take the lead. So we walked most of it. Any times we did trot, he would shy away and scoot left or right whenever we came to a puddle he had to go around or a rock in the road. I kept my seat well and am a little better prepared for these things now I think! Yahoo! Some dirt bikes and a 4 wheeler came along behind us and he didn't mind at all! we just pulled off to the side to let them pass!

As soon as we got to the trail that he is familiar with, he immediately took the lead and wanted to trot! We trotted more then, once we got to where the trail was very nice footing, he wanted to race home! he was having a blast at that point! the trail was nice and has even been mowed! nice and wide and perfect! Any of the muddy spots on the way home, Kizz hesitated but went right though not waiting for Coby to take the lead. It was a great ride, the first time we left home one way and came home another.  We went for almost 3 hours!

next up is our Away ride!! so nervous and excited for it!!

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