Our trail to happiness !

Our trail to happiness !

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Happy Happy Happy!!!

So it happens..   Kaaren came up and rode Coby and I rode Kizz! I was nervous but not bad!

 We went out the same trails we had been going on but tried to find a way down to the old woods road that would connect my trails to her trails to her house! We couldn't find the way, on the way back in the big pasture Kaaren told me to trot away from her and Coby and see how we do. Kizz was fine and then we tried some more on the way home! I was so very happy!! Slowly I was gaining my confidence!! .

-Our next ride was Canada day - my birthday Kaaren came up and rode Coby with me.

We found a new trail off another pasture to try! we had to cross a rock wall in a skinny path that Kizz wasn't happy about, he did go though, after Coby and Kaaren went through, it also had some muddy wet parts, and she and Coby walked through but Kizz was having none of it!! He backed us into some trees where 'I became one with the trees' we said haha  but after some fuss and Kaaren & Coby coming back and riding right beside us, he went through it!

We rode around and even trotted to get away from the flies on those trails and had a blast!! Kizz did wonderful!! the way back he went through the muddy wet spot much better but still had to be on top of Cobys tracks to feel safe enough lol

best birthday I've had in a long time!!!

Kaaren and I started talking about trailering the horses out for a fun trail ride (and would be great to see how Kizz would react to it all! ) and as we got discussing it, she comes back later saying we might as well do an actual ENDURANCE ride!!! There is a Judged Pleasure ride coming up on a weekend (Aug 3&4) that she would ride with me (she'd do the CTR that Saturday and then do the JP with me on Sunday) and she thinks we can get Kizz ready in time! It's not far away for trailering and it's only $20 to enter, also it's not a timed ride. It is 14miles long and at a beautiful farm and there is even a lake to swim in after (If kizz can get over his fear of water lol)

So It's decided.. we are going on an actual ACTRA trail ride!!! not in 2015, but in 2013!!! Can I do it?! we'll see!!

a picture of Kizz , myself & Coby from our July 1 ride ,
At this point I have lost 23lbs and many inches! I have my own endurance saddle now too! 

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