Our trail to happiness !

Our trail to happiness !

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

getting back in the saddle but on the wrong horse!

Over the next couple of years Kizz and I spend a little more time together, but I just don't seem to find the time to do any work with him. If I want to hop on for a quick ride I of course choose my quiet well trained gelding Coby. He could go years with no one riding him and then saddle up and give a kid a riding lesson. He's very laid back and perfect for a quick bareback ride in the pasture when I have a few few minutes. My husbands new job keeps him away most of the day light hours during summer.

  I do tack Kizz up a few times and lunge him. It goes very well but I just can't get the nerve up to GET on him!

Winter time we stay indoors a lot eating deep fried foods and playing cards. I read a lot of romance novels and loose myself in them trying to be happy. My weight climbs ever high and my life gets put on hold it seems.

Summer 0f 2011 comes and a friend of mine asks to board her new mare here for a while and my daughter is getting bigger things start to look up!! My husband Chris is very willing to watch her while I go out a couple times a weekend on some trail rides. Cobys slow slow gate and calm attitude suits my friend riding her green young mare.  It's fun and great to get out in the sun and fresh air and enjoy some rides! Coby who has always had sensitive soles and only works well on sandy arena footing, needs shoes. We have our farrier shoe him and off we go for the summer. Kizz seems very upset when we come back from our ride.. he comes to the gate and it's easy to tell he wants HIS turn! It just doesn't happen, the little time I have I want to ride Coby whom I feel safe and confident on.

Kizz sadly watching us riding away 

Soon enough we realize it's way past time to get Kizz gelded! We would like to be able to pasture all 3 together.

Kizz finally gets gelded at age of 5 ! but then things go down hill from there for my two boys, when all 3 horses get pastured together, Kizz starts to pick on Coby, he is very interested in keeping this mare to himself and starts to bite Coby very badly :(

My friend takes her mare to a spot close to her home but not far from here and I offer to let her take Coby as a buddy. We continue trail riding from there and have quite a few good rides. Kizz is home alone other than the miniatures in another pasture, but he handles it ok.

When my friend sells her mare, and I ride Coby home, Kizz seems happy to see his buddy, but things don't go well. they fight badly, poor Coby gets the brunt of the bad bites. I give it some time and hope they will work through it. Coby has always been the Boss, but now it seems Kizz wants to be boss and Coby isn't stepping down without a fight!

I'm at this point way too nervous to actually get on him and another year slips by without much work to Kizz.

Winter comes that year and Kizz and Coby are still not getting along. Many days I have to go out and blanket Coby as he's kicked out of the shelter in the sleet or cold with Kizz in the shelter alone. Cobys feet are also very very sensitive worse than before having had shoes on a full summer rather than just a few weeks like every before. He can't get away from Kizz as fast as he'd like!

It isn't looking good for us to keep the two of them. We can't separate them as we already have the kids 3 miniatures in our other barn and paddock.

I start to think it's time to let him go. I'm holding onto Kizz -my dream horse, but not putting the work into him he needs. I make the decision to find him a new home where my smart boy will actually have a job.

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