Our trail to happiness !

Our trail to happiness !

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The back burner

Our daughter is born Jan 2 2009, That entire winter I don't spend much time with the horses.. That spring I realize I am not going to have the time I would like to start two now 3 year old horses. 

Kizz has still not been gelded , and is getting quite spirited. We know we need to get him gelded but keep putting it off!

We decide it's now or never , the two youngsters are 3, we had better start getting some work done on them or rehome them. I can't bring myself to let kizz go, so we decide we will start Chris' mare and sell her. My husband although supports me in my horse endeavors isn't interested in riding. So it's not a hard decision.

 It doesn't take long to get her green broke to saddle. She walks and trots nicely for me. I am nervous starting her, she is sooo big and tall! way taller than any other horse I've owned! All have been under 15 hh, Katra is at least 15'2 and still growing! She's very sweet and quiet and all goes very nicely! She is purchased quite soon after posting her for sale and heads to her new home in NS.

My husband takes a new job, and is gone a lot more than he used to be, I have no one to watch our young daughter for me to work with horses. I in turn fall into a bit of a depression. I gain more weight than I ever have before. At 5'1 hitting 180 lbs I don't even feel I have the energy to move around to work at loosing any. I try to be happy and concetrate on keeping good care of my kids, I bake and play games and work on being  a mommy. My beautiful Kizz and Coby go on the back burner .... 

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