Our trail to happiness !

Our trail to happiness !

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Halloween ride- out alone!

today's the day, I see how Kizz is able to handle the riding out alone after a few weeks of only going out with other horses!!  I tack up , head out...
He's great!!No yelling not even looking back. We head up the access road.. but the fields will tell me how he's going to be.. that is where he always acts up.

We get to the fields and trot on through them, Cross the rock wall, and walk through the next field. HE is A1!!! Doesn't make a sound or fuss!!!! AH!! SO happy!!!

We trot a bit through the wooded trail but walk very slowly down at the bottom of the mowed trail as its frozen mud and slippery a bit. We get through it fine without him rushing or upset at all!

We trot some on clone road, canter a bit but mostly walk , he's very settled! I find that when I post on his right lead, it's short striding bad like he does sometimes..

We meet a four wheeler and side by side.. He is perfect :)

When we meet Kaaren & Magic he steps it up a notch, and he no longer seems to be short striding on that front right. We continue on to pave... go down pave and cut in road that goes to RR
go along that and check out a little traiil off to the side to the hydro line while we chat.. The puddles are big and frozen along there and him crunching down through the ice doesn't bother him like I thought it would!

We turn and head back, hit pave..

She takes me up as far as the horse at blaneys , as I'm worried it will see us and starting crashing through the woods and yelling and have Kizz upset! I don't know how he'd react and on the pave isn't good!

Kizz seems happy to go on home, so I trot off... We even pick up a canter for a ways :)

A ways off we hear a whinny but he doesn't care, we keep going!!

trot some , wak some eat grass he''s excellent!
Almost home he see's Coby and when Coby whinnies, he does one, but other wise A1!!

I tie in wash rack to cool with his blanket and give him supper and snacks ...good boy!!!

I'm super super happy and  Sooooo gosh darn proud!!!

9 Miles


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