Our trail to happiness !

Our trail to happiness !

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Nov 9, Sat., big changes for the winter!!

It's freezing cold out and dark early so no riding for me since last ride!

My friend brings her new horse Friday! She bought an off the track TB mare. She's a sweety! We plan to go for a ride the next day!

Saturday rolls around and a trailer picks up my gelding Coby to take to the boarding stables not far from me - that we are keeping him at for the winter so my daughter can get some coaching and use the indoor.

So Kizz isn't very happy with his buddy gone! He's yelling most of the day. And just when he's starting to settle a bit. A family comes and buys our mini mare's filly. So then the mare is yelling and Kizz is replying. What a day to choose to ride. It's also windy and cold! But Robyn is excited to ride her mare and I want to go too!

So I tack up and we head out! We don't get far (just started up the mowed trail when we meet Kaaren. We continue on down the mowed trail and hit the logging road.

When we get there I am sick of Kizz jigging so Kaaren suggests I trot on ahead. I trot all the way to the clone road with no hesitations !  We turn and head back and canter a bit.

When I first ask for the canter he rushes so I pull him back and he gives a buck but settles in to a nice canter and we go along all the way up to Kaaren and Robyn.  We slow nicely when we meet them and turn and walk along with them. He's not jiggy anymore thank goodness.

We ride to the Clone road and go right and out where it's hilly. Robyn's horse is super quiet and sweet! She rushed the mud a bit but other wise she's A1! She trots a bit to catch up to us and does great! We ride a ways and chat.

When we come to a hill (the exact place I cantered kizz for the first time!) She goes ahead and canters for the first time. They do great!! Kaaren and I trot side by side. Kizz is good! No racing.

We continue riding.

We each take a turn cantering (kizz and I trotted most of it) a big hill and I got a video of Kaaren & Robyn

Then we  head home walking.

Kaaren leaves us at the clone/logging road fork. Kizz acts a little strange he wants to go with Odin! Lol but we ride on home.

 It's a great ride. I'm so proud of Kizz and Robyn's new horse is wonderful!!

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