Our trail to happiness !

Our trail to happiness !

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Nov 17, back to tough with Kizz lol

I finally get some warm winter riding boots, so excited to try them out.. Its busy around here getting prepared for winter and It's hard to get time to ride.. I'm sick on Saturday, but I plan to ride out as soon as my husband gets home on Sunday as I'm feeling better.. I wear my new boots around the house to break them in, they're awesome!!

I'm also super excited later, when I see these pics of me.. I can really tell I'm getting down in weight!! yahoooo!!! 

Robyn comes early and heads out, I tack up Kizz while waiting for my husband to get home... He waits in the wash rack all tacked up while Robyn & Bambi ride out, He IS NOT happy!! He whinnies and  yells for them. A bit later Chris arrives so I go mount up and head out. He is pretty hyper to go and we catch up to Robyn & Bambi fairly quick. We ride along together a bit, but it's apparent that both horses need to ride alone!! Kizz keeps bucking on me when I hold him back from rushing to catch up to Bambi if they get ahead of us any little bit!! Her mare keeps whinnying for Kizz too :(

We  decide to split up.. I head down to the mowed trail while she rides up on the ant hill road a bit. Both horses whinny back and forth and Kizz is at his worst!! The same as he was back on my "worst" ride where I walked home along the pave :(  He has himself in such a tizzy he is foamy with sweat :(

He whinnies and spins on me (luckily no bucking though) but we push on and get down to the logging road.. We trot all the way down the logging road to the clone road. Then we walk all along that to cool down a bit. We turn after a while (he is being good) and he picks up the pace coming back towards home. But I make him walk until we get to the logging road where we pick up a nice canter. I don't have to hold him back as he isn't rushing to bad and is a good boy. We slow down and trot a bit, then walk the rest of the way home. Coming down the access road he whinnies (getting replies from Bambi) and unlike usual lately when I get grumpy about it, he still keeps it up :( 

We make it home safe and sound though and I realize that as bad as he was, I wasn't nervous or scared. So in all it's a good ride I figure! We got through something I not long ago would have been scared of!!

we end up doing almost 7 miles :)

I decide from now on, I can't ride out with Robyn.. which is sad, we both have horses here.. both want to ride and usually end up going on the same day and cant' even ride together.. ugh how stupid!!

but it's for the best since when she takes her mare home  in the spring we can't ride out together anyway, and will just have more problems with our horses.. we will have great fun this summer meeting up on the trails though!! can't wait for warmer weather, late summer nights and lots of riding YEAH!

For now it's riding by myself in the cold to keep Kizz going a bit, and enjoying riding with my daughter over at the indoor.. it's looking to be a good winter! I've started back to winter boot camps and am feeling great!!!

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