Our trail to happiness !

Our trail to happiness !

Thursday, November 21, 2013

My Daughter starts riding full time!

A little post about my Daughter Ava lee & her gelding Coby! We boarded Coby out at an indoor for the winter so that my daughter could spend the winter riding him. She really hopes to do trails next year on him!

Here he is settling in over at Dena's .. he's the horse on the left.. although it's hard to tell he looks so much like the appaloosa gelding (his new buddy) Wander!!

She's been riding some since she was 2 and more when she was 3, than she did this year, as I've been so busy with Kizz!! So I'm excited for her to get lots of riding in now! She's riding a few times a week, and her and Coby make such a good team! they're doing great!

first ride in the indoor

I had to buy her some new winter riding clothes.. me as well!! we never usually ride in the winter!!

here she is giving Coby a well deserved pat! 

She works on staying out along the rail, and whoa. So far. ! So excited to see how well they do over winter :) The lady that owns the barn is going to coach her some as well! should help, it's hard learning from "mom" I think!

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