Our trail to happiness !

Our trail to happiness !

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Nov , 11 Holiday Ride... brrrr

   Robyn is excited to get out riding her mare so we plan to go out again on the holiday. It's freezing cold and snow on the ground now! But we tack up and head out. We ride down the driveway together and on the pave she does up the access road and I head straight. I go in the field and along the tree line. I get to the little rock wall that cross the tree line and wait for Robyn. Isn't long and I see her. We then both ride together through the mowed trail and take a right up to the ant hill road. We go down the pave (605) and then go in to the fields down to the RR. Her mare slips a bit as she's walking where Robyn doesn't want her to and she has a little moment of acting up but she's fine and continues on. We trot a little on the camp road and then again on the RR a bit. It's getting dark and cold so we just go up past the big ditch on the RR, up to the hydro line and then turn and head back. We are cold when we hit the pave again so we ride the rest of the way on the pave.

The horses were good! We probably did around 6-7 miles?

Kizz was completely dry when I un tack which is good because it's so cold out! (And with his winter coat In he sweats bad now!)

Happy with how things are going. I plan to ride out completely alone next time and do some work solo on the clone road then come back and meet Robyn and ride a bit with her. Hopefully Kaaren can meet up with us too!

Hope Kizz is good going out alone this next ride!

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