Our trail to happiness !

Our trail to happiness !

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Oct 26, our group trail ride out from home!

I was super super nervous in the morning and couldn't eat! I was worried people weren't going to like our trails, or maybe slip in the mud at the bottom of the mowed trail , or get lost because we would get split up and the marking not be great.. But people started arriving early so I had no time to fret. Chris went up the access road and got the trailers parking and got a water barrel filled and taken up.  I got me some water containers filled with coolers for my ride to keep me warm ;) and went out to brush the horses..

It wasn't long and Amanda and B got here and Allie arrived (the lady riding Coby) We talked some and then got tacked up. We mounted close to 12 and head up to the trailers. Everyone was chilled and ready to go. (it's cold up on the hill!)

Kizz & Coby checking out the trailers and horses!

Kizz & Coby (picture taken by Carol Egers)

Allie on Coby, Myself on Kizz & Amanda on Bronwyn

We waited a little bit but Kaaren and Robyn arrived not long after.. Then we did a pre-ride and head out!

It wasn't long and we were the last 3 and only ones together.. hahaha Coby is so super slow.. he just walked quietly along.. A few spots we jogged and loped a few spots along the trail.. and had a great time. It wasn't long and I had a couple coolers done, so had to hop off and have a break ;)

Myself , Amanda & Bronwyn and Allie on Coby

We trotted some more and even at one point Amanda and B trotted on ahead of Kizz and I and I held him back and he was fine!

At one point along the short narrow trail between the Clone road (logging road) and the pave before Kaaren's (cross road) Amanda and B got a bit ahead of Kizz and I and he wanted to run and catch up (even though Coby was behind us) and he pitched a fit! He bucked and kicked but I yelled and turned him around and then he was ok. We continued on. but he did it 2x though! Little bugger!

When we did arrive at the part of the trails where we can see Kaaren's.. everyone was having their halfway break and waiting.. we didn't go in, so we continued on.. It was only a few minutes and the group caught up and flew by us again..  but later on we noticed we had a few people missing! Amanda went back while Allie & I waited on trail.. She finally found them as they were on their way back (they noticed they'd went the wrong way) our ribbons had turned from orange to yellow (and we forgot to point that out.. oops!)

When the group caught up to Allie and I , a few stopped and chatted. Someone was saying how Beautiful Kizz is :)  then the rest flew on by us.. haha We lost sight of them pretty soon.

Then in a bit, Amanda and B (along with a young girl on a paint horse) caught up. We all rode nicely along the RR together (at this point my cell died , so no more pics from me )

Later on along the trail someone mentioned the young girl on the paint horse was only 14! I was so surprised! I asked her how old her horse was and she said 4! and this was their FIRST TRAIL ride!!! I was soooo surprised!! they were like old pros!!! we all stuck a little closer to her after that! He refused a ditch crossing a little bit but as soon as Amanda and B crossed I said PUSH him on!! and he went right through! and then at the ditch to the camp road at Tim Blaneys, he crossed that no problem as well! What a SWEET little  horse! and lovely rider! Was so nice to have met them :)

We trotted a bit  up through the fields at Tims and I even got a video of Coby's "gallop" for Allie (slow slow lope lol)

We took a short cut and head down the pave and up the ant hill road , to get back around the same time (if not still way after) a lot of the other riders. No traffic came and we all did fine .

here's a picture of Kizz and I trotting home through the field Kaaren got :) Kizz is looking pretty proud of himself I think! 

We got back and Chris was BBQing! yum! All in all it was a GREAT ride!!! Kizz was good, Everyone said they loved the trails and had a great time!! 
We had 14 riders! Great turn out! So happy!! Now I'm super looking forward to our ride in June here!! I'm going to try very hard to have us ready for the 50 mile!!! It's my goal for 2014 to have us ready and Kizz and I ride our own ride for the first time!! (not ride with anyone)

Now I just have to get through my next ride out alone! 

The last 2 rides in the last 2 weeks I have rode out WITH a horse, I'm sure Kizz will give me a hard time the next few rides, so we are going to get them over with soon! I'm going out Thursday I hope!! meeting Kaaren on trail too! Wish me luck!!

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