Our trail to happiness !

Our trail to happiness !

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Oct 4th- our first REAL training ride out all alone!! SO SO proud!

so since our CTR & JP I give Kizz a few days off! It's well deserved! I take Coby out for a little trail ride to start getting him into shape for a couple group trail rides I have coming up he will be going on. I take him out Wednesday Oct 2 for a little ride, its beautiful out and I enjoy crunching through the leaves! We only do a few miles at a good pace, and he's pretty tired ! So different trying to keep him moving where with Kizz I'm always working to slow him down! haha! Kizz has whinnied the whole time we were gone! lol
I can actually take a selfie when riding Coby haha

I love my new hot pink safety vest..perfect for hunting season and road riding!

Then Friday I saddle Kizz up, and take him out on our first REAL ride all alone! I had been putting Coby in the barn so he doesn't yell when we leave and Kizz doesn't yell and give me a hard time.. but I leave Coby out, (as I need to start doing that!) and no one says a WORD! yahooo!! We ride through the fields at a trot and then into our trail, we trot some of it where we can then down the long hill to the logging road, We go a ways around the logging road trotting and a little lope then head home , I AM SUPER super proud of us!!! Our first trip out all alone and we did GREAT! almost 7 miles. He had lots of energy it seemed too and was happy to go! RIDES like these make me feel that we surely can do this! How could I ever have doubted it!!?! YES!
almost to the logging road! 

Saturday I take Coby out again for another little Jaunt, as I am riding Kizz with Kaaren & Odin Sunday! weather is beautiful too! Coby and I do almost the same loop as Thursday only a little farther this time.. 3 miles I think.. We have a great time. I think he enjoys getting out too :)

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