Our trail to happiness !

Our trail to happiness !

Monday, October 21, 2013

Oct 19th riding out with Amanda!

      So it's calling for heavy rains Sunday, So we cancel the ride until Next Saturday! Amanda and I decide to go out on Sat since it's so nice out and she won't be able to do Sat ride here plus the group trail ride we plan to do Sunday next weekend. So she comes Saturday and we ride out. I tack up almost all before she arrives. I decide we might as well make the best of it and I get Chris to get us 4 coolers haha ! (I pour them into water bottles and hand her one when she tacks up )

We finish up and mount. We head down the driveway with Kizz looking at her mare the whole way.. haha he's in LOVE! A beautiful black mare! (we hadn't ever rode alone with a new horse before that he'd never met ! ) So this will be interesting to see how he does! I wonder how he'll react with her behind us.. will be be snaky and just keep looking?

We get out on the access road and walk along. Both horses are super good and quiet ! the fields are the same, Kizz gets strange at the rock wall crossing! I think the trail marking ribbon is wierding him out! haha!

But we go through first and she follows , we head to the trails and the horses walk along side by side well. We go single file through the muddy spots and Kizz is really good! he's not looking behind constantly! We go up to the ant hill road and then up to the camp with a view , cross over to the fields behind Merle Wallace's and go down and cross the road there straight across to the camp road. (Her horse doesn't have much road riding experience yet) We do fine! We walk and chat down through those fields and down through the camp road there are some new logging piles which Kizz looks at like it's going to eat him.. haha but he survives. Walking along makes for much  more stuff to SEE .. haha

We get to the ditch and Amanda says, she 's never crossed a ditch like this before with Bronwyn. The walk across it like it's nothing though! yay! then we go along up the RR, We get quite a ways and decide we are doing fine (her horse is fairly out of shape) but we are just walking most of it, and have time, so we do the WHOLE trail ride that was marked out for the group ride. We trot some on the RR (some with her ahead and some with me ahead ) and they both do great! Kizz encounters some new things on trail (a culvert stuck out that they have to REALLY step over and a new spot of running water they have to cross) and they both do awesome!!  We go through the really cute little trail that gets you to the logging road and I grab some pics!

The horses are doing great and we are having a great old time! I can't BELIEVE that after 6? days of no RIDING , Kizz isn't hyper trying to go ahead or Jigging the whole way, he walks along nicely!! even when we trot it's a quiet drag your feet kinda trot! Amazing after the race brain horse I had last ride!! HAHA!!

I can't explain enough how wonderful he was!! I NEVER imagined I would have SUCH a QUIET RELAXING ride on Kizz.. EVER! well  it was wonderful! A great experience!!

We talked on the logging road and I told her what I had experienced in the ACTRA club so far. How it works at the rides and such. She was asking me how I would normally do this trail , and I said probably the few times we had Trotted, would be the few times we would have WALKED. She asked if I would have cantered or galloped any, and I said probably a few times along the rail way if Kizz wanted. Also on a few little hills on the logging road I would have. I feel comfortable picking a spot to Canter and deciding where to end before I even pick it up.

When we came to a little knoll she said, if you wanted to canter we could try it.. So we trotted on ahead (I wasn't sure if he WOULD pick it up, he was so laid back and not wanting to leave his new Girlfriend!! haha)

But as soon as he heard Amanda and B trotting up quickly on us in behind he picked up his canter and we looked back and they were cantering too.  I looked back and Amanda had the biggest smile! I think she was outright laughing actually! We cantered the whole way to the top and then pulled back, Kizz was great , no race brain at ALL. FUN FUN!

We continued along walking and chatting , we laughed it up a lot. Fun times! (coolers were yummy too!)

We cantered up a hill once more and it went great we had a blast.. then continued on walking the rest of the way. When we got to the lower part of the mowed trail that is all muddy and sloped, we walked slowly and of course I lost a back boot! I got down and got it and tied it to my saddle. I got him next to a stump and remounted and that's when Amanda and I both pointed out I should have removed the other one.. haha

I got about halfway through the mud hole when She said I 'd lost the other.. I said , oh well, I'm coming back for it Tomorrow.. So we head on home. We walked on home. Through the rock wall Kizz was fine, we came out the other side and waiting for Amanda and B. When they came through , we continued on, Kizz spooked (I think at the ribbons on the trees there again lol) but then we continued on. The access road  he whinnied a quiet little half whinny but I told him No, and he didn't again. He was happy that he had a buddy anyway I think :)

We got home and my wonderful hubby was throwing on some burgers on the BBQ for us! YUM!

It was close to dark but hubby grabbed a few pics of us :)

We un-tacked.. Kizz wasn't even WARM! that was a first! lol not a wet spot under his saddle any. My boy is in good shape me thinks ;)

She loaded the beautiful B up and had a burger then left. What a great time we had!

thanks for coming Amanda, it was a great experience for Kizz .. and me too!! ((HUGS))

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