Our trail to happiness !

Our trail to happiness !

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sept 21 -another nice training ride at home- New trail

I saddle up and head out, Kizz leaves good and quietly, we trot all the way up the access road and across the fields , once we hit the trail we go along pretty good :) there is a downed tree but we go around it into the woods, I 'm amazed how quietly and easily I talk him into this!! we go up the little woodsy trail to the ant hill road, go down along that, hit the pave (605) and down the Camp road towards the RR, he's super lazy and quiet! quietest he's ever been! We cross the ditch and hit the RR, we head up towards Kaaren.. I get to the ditch and CROSS it! super super good of Kizz to cross it so nicely all alone! We come upon Kaaren and Odin after a bit. We turn and head back down the RR , We go down the RR and head to the left towards Millville and cross the pave, we head to some new trails and go way out towards Barrets towards the back way to Woodstock. We go along the road some by The Chase's , have a few dogs come out at us, but its fine. We head on into a trail that takes us back towards home.

we hit the Logging road that runs behind me and I head towards home. I say goodbye to Kaaren and Odin and turn off onto the trail alone so Kizz knows we are leaving them. He doesn't act up too much, just a whinny and slow moving off, but then he trots along fine. We hit the "mowed trail" and he even stops for a drink and munch (he's never done this before when we are alone he is too nervous!) so I'm feeling pretty proud!!

HE is A1, once we hit our fields, we just walk across them . He doesn't rush me. Once we are about halfway down the Access road he starts whinnying but going along fine. I ask him to be quiet but it doesn't work very well lol

Great ride!!  17 miles! a lot of walking but it was beautiful out and the horses were great!

next up is the CTR and JP!! CAN we do it!?! Not only a 26 mile CTR, but a JP the next day!??

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