Our trail to happiness !

Our trail to happiness !

Monday, October 21, 2013

Oct 13, Ride with 2 horses.. RACE BRAIN :(

   So , its been a while since we've went out with 2 horses... but he's always been fine when Robyn and Kaaren rode Magic & Odin with Kizz , so I'm not concerned at all.. Well I have plans at 3pm so when they call to meet, I decide I'll hurry and meet them along the RR and then head home after riding with them along the RR a bit. So Kizz and I leave and go right straight down the 605 to the camp road and go down to the RR , We trot up along the RR and meet them around where the hydro line crosses the RR. He is hyper to see them. We pull in behind but he starts acting funny so I put him in between Magic & Odin, he's much better.. they decide to come up through my way so that works for me.. I can head home after we get to my turn off.  We go through the camp road and into the fields and they trot, well Kizz picks up a trot but wants to race and tries to canter, well I pull him back and he bucks and kicks up a fuss! I yell and pull him back. Kaaren slows and after we talk a bit, she tells Evan to go off again .. So Kizz and I can try again. Magic leaves Odin and I trotting (we trot too) and he just wants to race ahead. This happens a few times, then he finally trots beside odin being semi-ok. We get to the top of the fields to the 605 . We cross the road and let them eat grass there while we chat about how she dealt with Magic with race brain all his life. It gives me hope that at least I will survive it!! We continue on through the trails. We stop and talk to the property owner at the camp on the top of the hill with the great view. I grab some pics of the trail buddies :)

All 3 pretty chestnuts :)

 He isn't too bad other than I have to hold him back most of the ride. When we get down to the mowed trail they stop and I continue on home. He leaves them very well ! We trot down the mowed trail and walk across the fields.. He stops to eat in one of the fields and I'm SO impressed with this! I get off and let him munch a while. :) He does keep looking back looking for his buddies though but doesn't call for them or anything. What a GOOD boy!
looking back for his buddies while he munches

I loose track of time and get a call that Robyn is at my house waiting for me! So I mount up and we trot on home. He only whinnies ONCE in the access road right beside home. He is really good. HE isn't hot at all  so I un-tack and leave. I have a LOT to think about!! What will I do? How will I handle his RACE brain??? Is he going to be horrible on our group trail ride the next weekend ?? There will be 12-15 horses !!!

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