Our trail to happiness !

Our trail to happiness !

Thursday, September 5, 2013

The roller coaster dips down...

ok so riding out 2 rides in a row with Coby, Kizz's buddy was not a good idea. :(

I had been doing some ground work but hadn't rode for a week as Kizz got some girth sores in the wrinkles of his elbow. I believe since his shape is changing and his girth is slipping forward tight to his elbows. I get some advice from my friend Kaaren and get two longer new nylon girths and rig my saddle up differently so it is helping tug his girth out of his elbow.

So I tack up and we head out the access road, and I'm very pleased, he seems settled (we hadn't rode in a while so figured I'd have trouble) I even grab a picture :)

But that All changes once we get to the fields.. he dances around ignoring me, whinnying to his buddy Coby and  kicking out . I make it through the fields and get onto the trail. He is much better, we go through the trails and head on our way up to the ant hill road. I call Kaaren but she is quite a way away so we decide not to meet up and I will head on home. Instead of going back through the fields, I decide to ride further and go onto the road. I will ride home and hopefully Kizz will behave (he has always been very good on the road) 

When we arrive on the road (up to his point on the trail he has been A1! )
He is fine so far but then starts ignoring me and whinnying again. He dances around so bad that when a car comes I'm forced to jump down so that we are safe from going out in front of it!

I have a hard time even getting the reins over his head, his head is so high.. he's acting like his brain melted (just like at the ride when he couldn't see Odin) 

I make him stand and get his head dropped and get my reins, I start leading him home, making him walk beside me with his head down.. it is a big struggle but when we get close enough to home that he sees Coby then he immediately drops his head and walks quietly.. 

When I get home I get back on and ride him in the front pasture . He isn't very good and ignores me some ,but by time I quit he is fairly well behaved doing nice trotting circles. On the way up the pasture to the house, he keeps racing off on me so we work again some more. Finally we get to the top and quit. I do some more working on ground tying and then give him his supper and put him away. I'm so super disappointed and sad :(

He's never been this bad on the way home before and never on the road. It makes me really nervous to ride again.

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