Our trail to happiness !

Our trail to happiness !

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Sept 4-our next ride.. another struggle

This herd bound business is driving me insane! Everytime I take Kizz out to do ground work Coby & Kizz both yell to each other even when they're within sight of each other!! This is coming to an end boys ! I think being out together 24/7 with no time even stalled apart is too much for them. I decide to put them in separate pastures for a while.. see if it helps.

I put off the next ride as long as I can.. knowing I'm only making things worse by not riding but I'm so nervous to do it :(

I finally decide tonight is the night and start to get him ready around 5 (my husband gets home at 6, so I figure by time I'm riding he will be home soon ) I don't like to ride with no one here.  The kids are inside playing the wii :)

I tie him in the wash rack to settle him down a bit and groom. Then we tack up and ride around the top of my drive again (yup, right back where we started!) He kicks out and crow hops some , flinging his head and generally just grumpy. He always hates any type of 'work' at all. But this is even just as we start out! I know I'm in for a horrible ride.  After a while and he seems settled down (and my husband has arrived)  I head down to the front pasture to ride. On the way down he refuses some and kicks out a few times but I just push him on.

We get to the bottom and he starts whinnying and spinning around and ignoring me. I do some one rein stops and take some teeny tiny circles with his head pulled back towards my hip . Coby even whinnies back and forth with him (they can SEE each other and are still whinnying!)

Then straighten out and move on .. we work in some circles. He doesn't settle any at the walk and I know it will help to trot so we work up to the trot . He acts foolish for a long time, we probably put in half an hour before he settles. We do some circles working on bending and dropping his head . I switch directions and he is bad again. We work at it switching directions a few times. I ride for near to an hour and a half before he settles. He is ok walking up to the house thankfully. I do some ground work in my driveway and quit on a good note. I untack him (sweaty saddle pad yay!) and leave him tied a while , while I do night barn chores with Ava lee. Then I grain him and eventually put him back in HIS pasture. Alone. Hope he stays in all night! lol

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