Our trail to happiness !

Our trail to happiness !

Monday, September 16, 2013

Sept, 15- YES! Another Great ride out on trails!! Sunday

Had a wonderful great ride last night!! Kizz was A1 going out, I was a little nervous as I hadn't rode him since the past Saturday out on trails, and then a short little ride around the pasture a day last week, but he was Great! We trotted up the access road, and right on across the first big field, when we got to the rock wall, we slowed, crossed it then walked across the next field to the trails.

 (Oh forgot to mention we put Coby in the mini barn right before I rode out. There was no whinnying. )

The trails were sopping wet , not so much muddy just filled with water. But Kizz did great! Just looked at each and went through them. We went up the short trail to the ant hill road and then trotted mostly down that (until we came to a few big wet spots) then at the end we crossed the pavement and went down along it. It had been recently chip sealed so it's like crushed rock. Well a few cars didn't bother to slow down as they passed I was really nervous some rocks might fly up and hit kizz and make him upset of even make him nervous for riding on the roads again :S I really have to get a DRIVE SLOW and PASS WIDE shirt to wear!

We got to the fields and rode down by the Blaney's. He was great, then we got through the ditch wonderfully!! and onto the RR, we rode up just a little ways and met Kaaren , Magic and Riley the dog :)

We rode down the RR , lovely footing of course, mostly walking. We went on across the pave in Millville and went on down the trail almost to Crabbe Mountain. The we tried a little trail that goes off , and found it circled back to the RR . Then we head home. About halfway back along that RR part Kaaren noticed Kizz had his boot on sideways!! ooops!! TWO screws had come out! I really need to remember LOCK TIGHT!

So I hopped down, took it off and tied it to my strap for my chest plate and continued on, the trails are nice from there on, so no problem. Only a couple washouts and trees across the RR , which is amazing from the horrible storm we had!

When we got back to the ditch off the RR, I crossed over in front of Kaaren and got to the other side then turned Kizz and Allowed him to see Kaaren and Magic leaving us lol He was a bit upset but didn't whinny or turn back on me! So that's awesome! We turned on home and trotted , cantered most of it. He was perfect! We walked back through the fields as I don't want to start having him always wanting to "run home" and he was good . Going about halfway down the access road beside us Coby seen him and started Whinnying and Kizz kept replying. So we did circles and heading back up the trail, yelling and he just kept ignoring me and whinnying but we eventually got down it and he was ok and being quiet.

I guess he's changing things up a bit and is going to give me trouble when I arrive home, rather than when we ride out! haha

Had a great ride, very happy! We did 14 miles and it was perfect!!!( a lot of walking, but we trotted and cantered about quarter of it on our way to meet Kaaren and on our way home) AND I burned over 2300 calories! ;)

getting excited for the last weekend of the month when we go to St Stephen for our first CTR (26 miles) on Sat and then another JP (14 miles) on Sunday! soooo hoping the weather is nice! AND hoping Kizz is good for vetting !! EEEK!  wish us luck!!!

plan to ride in the the pasture a few times this week as the weather looks GREAT! gotta get screws for his boots ASAP though!


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