Our trail to happiness !

Our trail to happiness !

Thursday, September 5, 2013

some Fun horse times to cheer me up!

my daughter is crazy in love with horses and spends a lot of tine with her miniatures, I decide it's time for me to take her out on a 'trail  ride' , I just know she'll love it!!

We take Dream's filly with us since she's still only 2 months. We have a great time!! She has a blast and Dream is A1. She moves along well for being a lazy girl! We even trot on the way back home in he pasture. Ava lee giggles the whole time :)

It makes me so happy that not only does she love horses but she has such a fun time with Dream. Dream is a wonderful little mare and we are so lucky to have gotten her!

I even have a cart that I'm buying for Ava lee and her minis to use!! It will be a completely new thing for me, harness seems like a foreign language to me!! but I just know we'll have such fun!!!

I plan to pony Dream & Ava lee out with Coby soon!!  

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