Our trail to happiness !

Our trail to happiness !

Saturday, August 24, 2013

my Son comes to ride.. a very special ride !!!

My oldest son Alexander rode a lot when he was younger.. even as young as 4 he was riding along with me!  (before I knew about helmets!)

heres a couple pics of my oldest riding when he was little.. awwww
Alex riding Me-sha Rose my Mor-ab in 1998 (he was 4)
Myself on Me-sha & Alex on his gelding Storm fall '98

Alex riding Me-sha at Horse World , '99 after I learned about helmets.. this was his first saddle :)

Alex riding Coby and myself riding Kat an APHA mare we had  in 2009 (this was her 4th ride, we just rode around the driveway and pasture)

a picture of a short ride (if you can call it that) Alex and I did ( just around my driveway ) with Kizz and Coby, last year 2012 

Now we get out for a REAL ride! how exciting!! it's been since 2002? at least.. at Horse World that we'd done an actual trail ride! (He rode the beautiful lesson horse Chocolate, still alive and lives near us!)

NOW here's our ride!!

We tacked up and head out!! :)

myself & Kizz and Alex & Coby

We Rode out the access road and across the fields and through the trails , We trotted a bit and Alex took a bit to get back into the groove! We went across the road and down to the RR and along it a ways. We didn't meet up with my friends (they were running late) and by then Coby was tired and ready to head home. 

Alex & I on the Rail Way

 We cantered a bit up on the ant hill road on the way back and had a great time. The horses were a little more excited on the way home haha I think riding 2 days in a row was tiring for Kizz and most definitely tiring for Coby. but we had a great ride!!

we did 7 miles!! 

back at home letting the horses have a bite, and having a drink :)

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