Our trail to happiness !

Our trail to happiness !

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Amanda comes for a ride! something a little new! Aug 21st

So my friend Amanda -who also blogs - A fat girl & a fat horse blog.. decides to Trailer over her beautiful horse Bronwyn to go riding with me! So exciting! Hoping Kizz doesn't act too crazy and embarrass me!  Never rode with a mare yet either!!


Things don't work out for her to bring her mare, so she comes and rides Coby! I'm a little worried Kizz will be antsy riding so slow (hasn't rode with Coby for a while! and we've been doing a pretty steady pace lately!) but it goes really well!

A picture my daughter Ava lee took of us tacking up :)

Kizz basically sleeps while we tack up! This is completely new!! he's very very settled! We get out on the trail and he's happy happy! quiet and walks along great (No jiggy!) we ride and chat, we even trot a little bit. They are great ! we get up to the spot with a great view and chat some more, then we do a little road and then back home. We ride for about 1.5 hrs and do 4 miles :)

Amanda & Coby, I think this is the 2nd time she's rode him (Coby- Cowboys Carbon Copy, came from her parents farm! and is almost identical to their long time breeding stallion who has since passed over rainbow bridge -Scenics Cowboy)

 Kizz is A1 the whole ride, except in the field on the way home he stops to pee.. and Coby is walking slowly away and he gets a little upset.. after he stands up from his pee he races off to Coby completely ignoring me !! I pull him back  and we do some trotting circles.. he eventually listens and we do a fairly nice circle each way and then we walk off home again.

What a nice Ride!! Can't wait until tonight, for my ride with my son!! SO excited!!! hope we have a blast!!

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