Our trail to happiness !

Our trail to happiness !

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Kizz testing my braveness! Aug 7th 2013

Wed.  Aug 7th  we head out to meet Kaaren down on the rail way.. this is our 3rd ride out alone. I have boots on Kizz for the first time (other than him wearing them in the pasture) to see how he does. They are about a half a size too big as they are Cobys, but we'll see if they stay on! Doing these long rides he will need some sort of protection !

Coby whinnies as we leave and Kizz starts to whinny as we walk up the access road by our house. He seems ok until we take the field where he starts Whinnying more excitedly and dancing around a bit on me. I push him forward (all the while wishing I'd had my confidence shots before coming lol)

he dances around and does his "jig" that he's doing lately , we basically do the entire field sideways trotting in place.. we get to the treeline where we have to go through the skinny trail over the rock wall. I 'm fairly certain I'm going to have to get off and walk him over it. But we get to it and he walks right through! very happy! He jigs his way cross the 2nd field with not any troubles (waiting for bucking or turning around to happen) I'm singing loudly off key trying to drown out my geldings whinnying -- which btw, he NEVER EVER cared when we left before, only the rides I've been going alone where I REALLY need him to not agitate Kizz!!

we get into our wooded trail and Kizz is still excited and high stepping but moves along better, he goes through the muddy spots well. Now that I can ungrip the reins from my death grip - I grab my cell from my pouch on the saddle and slip it into my bra, where it will be when I fall lol even though we made it through the fields , at this point, I'm pretty sure I'm not going to make it to Kaaren on my horse! We pick up a trot and he even goes over the tree that he's nervous of stepping over with not a flinch! very good boy. We trot fast down the wide road (the one I call the ant hill road- it's where Kizz spooked at the ant hills before ) and we do fine! we make it to the main road fairly quick. We cross the road and head down it to the road that leads us down through the corn fields. We do a Jig with some yelling down through the fields as soon as he sees the cattle in the field next to it.. We stick to the side of the field along a trail and even trot some more. He seems less concerned about everything when we trot. It's a fast all over the place trot but at least we're moving along good and less whinnying.

We get to the bottom of the fields alive with no misshaps! and onto the nice wide dirt road where the camping lots are. We trot all down through there, but he does keep turning towards any side trails like he wants to take one of them!, but we go along straight.

We get to the end of that road and into a little path that takes us to the rail way....it's a wee bit wet! but he seems like mud is nothing now after our JP through a ton of mud lol he trudges right through.  We easily cross the ditch that he refused a few times a couple weeks ago, and head up the trail . Kaaren should be along soon! We trot most of it and soon enough we hear Kaaren and Magic coming and stop.  So nice to see them! :)  I now put my cell back in the pouch on my saddle ;)

Kaaren thinks he is less settled on this trip as it's the first time we have went this way (to the right of my house) to meet her! Good! Hope that's right! (the other two times we went left down towards her house and met her)

we Do a loop down the rail way and across the road and up into Millville and across back into behind my place. Some is very muddy but we keep our boots! yay!!

it's a great ride, we even gallop up a few knolls and go by some horses that whinny at us. :)


our 3rd ride heading out alone! We ride a 13 mile loop !

 Another accomplishment , even though I'm nervous now as to how he's going to be next solo ride! :P

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