Our trail to happiness !

Our trail to happiness !

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

another bump in the trail , Aug 13/13

Last night my trail didn't go so good. First, I should have known things weren't going to go well.. My cell phone died and would not take a charge.. I feel very uncomfortable going out on trails without it.. But I decided I'd still go, didn't want to miss a chance at riding it's been a while!

Got outside and it started raining, still figured I'd go..a little rain wouldn't hurt us.. Should have listened to my gut and not went!

We got going up the access road and Kizz started to whinny at Coby ( of course Coby was whinnying again!)

At the first field Kizz wasn't too bad until Coby whinnied once and he replied, then he started his jig.. we kept going on ahead straight.. I started to sing, hoping to drown out any further calling.

Kizz stopped and when I gave him some pressure asking him to move forward he skid sideways then crow hopped a bit.. I yelled and he stopped, I pushed him forward and onward we went.. He bucked a few more times . My yelling usually ended it, it was pretty half hearted but he was NOT happy with going on, he wanted to turn around and be with Coby. The second field was much of the same, less bucking though, just jiggy trotting..

when we got to the trail we take he refused, but a few circles and kicking and he went on.. he refused again at the muddy spot, but we got through it. He refused again when we got to the trail to the right that takes us to the 'Ant hill road'... he would NOT go on, after much prodding! At this point it was starting to rain pretty heavy.  I just asked him to continue on , on the trail we were on.. the footing was good and figured we could trot a ways. At this point I'm figuring as soon as he's good and goes where I want, I'm going to turn him around and go home. It's raining fairly steady now. I'm soaked.

We ride out that trail a ways and then turn, then we take the trail he initially refused that goes up to the ant hill road, so we went along that to the top. Then we turned and came back down it and along home. The ride home was nerve wracking as he kept trying to run along home. He listened and didn't take off on me, he was just rushing. So not too bad.  As we are coming up the driveway it begins to pour. Chris comes out and tells me Kaaren called looking for me on the trail, so she knows I'm not going to make it.  I ride around a bit doing some circles and lateral work .. figure we are saddled up and soaking wet already so might as well!

He's really good so we work at it a bit, then I untack and take off his boots and head in..

I'm very down and upset over our ride.. I know it's just another hump to get over but it's depressing when we have done so good and now I'm nervous again about taking him out alone. I NEED to be able to ride out alone if I'm going to be exercising him to try and get to 50 milers!! Coby can't come on them all.. he's going to have to learn to ride out alone!


  1. I just want to say that I see an endurance rider here. You have the courage and that crazy "ride while soaking wet" attitude and pushing along even when it's not fun. Those are traits that will serve you well out there. Riding alone is just one part, you just demonstrated a quite a few! And you have the horse!

  2. thanks so much for that Carrilee!! :) It always helps to hear it from other people!!