Our trail to happiness !

Our trail to happiness !

Monday, September 14, 2015

Fall arrives ! LOVE fall riding!

Enjoying getting some riding in with our new Trail partner my son Alex and his new mare Raine. I'm having a blast going with them and it makes me sooo happy. These are for sure the very best days of my life ... Riding with my kiddos, I'll never forget it!

Raine has something going on, she frequently bucks at the canter, and she's sooo sweet and quiet we KNOW it has to be pain or something. So we scheduled in a Chiro to come check her out. Fingers crossed its something easily fixed! She's sooo sweet and such a good girl! Alex and her do great other wise. We get some trotting in on the Rail way and I think they're doing great together. Kizz gets his huge extended floaty trot going and sadly I have to ask him to slow so Raine can keep up! lol! but we sure have fun!

Kizz is being his smart sweet self so far this fall! (usually fall he gets very hyper as he is fit and we slow down our amount of riding so he's a bit FRESH )

Getting ready to leave on a ride down to the rail way

my son Aadon walks down the pave with us to his buddys house

Aadon takes a couple pics :)

texting and riding  yup haha

haha Raine is such a good girl <3

Alex & I jogging down the railway :)

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