Our trail to happiness !

Our trail to happiness !

Monday, August 31, 2015

Kizz and I .... to be continued ???

Do I continue with our blog , our Trail to happiness ?? because I am sure we have made it here!!!
I feel so confident and happy with Kizz and doing this with him has done more for my self confidence and pride in myself than anything else ever has. I have gained new friends, strength, health, pride in myself, a closer relationship with 2 of my kids even!  I can't ask for anything more.

In August alone, I have galloped with the reins ahead on his neck down a trail neither of us had ever seen before, knowing he would take care of us!! and Crossed mud and ditches we had never seen before, him knowing I wouldn't ask him to go where he couldn't safely go...

I 've rode out alone with my 6 yr old on her mini mare, with him -his FIRST time on trail in a S hack at that!!

I've done some trails with him prancing along behind both of my kids riding in front of us, and knew he would chill and behave or at least that he wouldn't endanger them!

I've galloped along with my friend on her OTTB giving it our all!! and long trotted ahead of them even keeping pace without breaking into a canter.. I Love this horse and we are both very HAPPY!

I have trusted him to take my son out and show him the ropes of endurance and taking care of ourselves.. something I thought Kizz would NEVER do! 

and... we have even Trailered out to new trails, and went into a big lake.... and splashed!! <3

But yes I'll continue to blog.. because some day I might need to look back on all our adventures and see how far we have come.. and maybe , just maybe encourage someone else to do the same!!

                                      I have A LOT more riding to do with these 2!!!! <3

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