Our trail to happiness !

Our trail to happiness !

Thursday, July 16, 2015

May, June & July 2015

Kizz has been doing good this year! Much better with most things, but I have found a few old problems popped up. Like leaving others on trail and such. He has pranced and jigged whenever anyone gets too far ahead. But to be fair we have only done 2 group rides so far this year!

Kizz and I ready to go out on our 3rd ride of the year! 

this was a fun loop in May

for this year is, I made Kizz his first biothane set, sure he looks like Iron Man, but He likes it haha

We rode out in June and met up with local ladies, Kaaren, Robyn and Breah. Kizz for the first time splashed in the water, I think he is deciding water isn't so bad!! lol

The most exciting thing to happen so far this summer, is that my son bought his own horse!!! He has rode off and on all his life, but never had time to ride real regular. We found him the perfect horse!! She is sweet , healthy , young and super quiet !!! She will lead, follow, leave us on trail and head home alone even!! she's lovely to work with!
Here we are on one of our training rides in June! He intends to do some 30's with Kizz and I next year!
Alex  & Raine's first ride out !

His, and my daughter's first group ride ! Ava lee  & Dream have been riding 1-2 x a week out on little 5k ish rides each week and is doing well ( I ride Coby when we go , as Kizz gets pretty hyper on such short rides! and I want Ava lee to be safe ) but they are doing super awesome and I'm sooo proud!!
Alex is on his grey Arab mare on far left, my friend Amanda with Brownyn the black mare next, then Ava lee my 6 yr old on her mini mare Dream :) Kizz & I , then my friend Robyn on her bay mare Bambi, then her daughter Reagan on Bullet her pony gelding.

On the group ride , it's the first time Ava lee  & Dream have rode with Kizz & I <3

So far this year is going great! Kizz and I have been riding out with Alex and his mare, so haven't been doing very long conditioning rides since she came in June. But I am having a blast! Kizz is doing well for doing such short rides too, not too hyper coming in!  We are planning to go on a JP Aug 2 !! Hope it goes well . We will go Saturday and camp over night and see how Raine does with camping over night. She has been perfect so far, so I'm sure it'll go well!!! Wish us luck!!

Kizz in my daughter's Barefoot cheyenne ! 

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