Our trail to happiness !

Our trail to happiness !

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Kizz & I first ride of 2015! April 13/15

 Spring finally has hit!! We thought it would never come this year! Still the banks are high and snow deep in the fields, but it's getting warm and melting quick! Can't wait to get out on the trails, but for now, we are just riding in the driveway! (just like old times huh? )

Kizz was super hyper and didn't listen very well but that was fine, (lots of taking off on me and jigging) we got in a good work out, he was sweaty by time we quit!! something funny happened, he jumped up on the high flower bed with me on.. I didn't think he would, but I asked and he did! Very out of the ordinary for Kizz to do what I ask unless he's starting to trust me maybe! ;)
Got Kizz a little S hack to try out this year.. I'm thinking when he's settled in to work and on home trails we will use it , get him going well with it :) 

and then he decided it was a good time to roll, he started pawing.. so I took of his gear so he could.. what a silly boy.

I had started playing around with biothane tack, so made my daughter a set for her mini mare! It's so cute!! Next I need to make Kizz a set next!! 

We got her a flower hack, and she does great in it!

Getting excited for ride season! I've been sick off and on every since Sept, and have been having a hard time getting in good exercise ;(  bought a treadmill so I could at least run inside during the bad weather, but only ran 3 weeks before the bad chest cold came back again! :( Planning to run 10k this year!! (Last year my goal was 5k)

Hoping once nice weather hits I will be over this and can get out and run again! Need to get back into shape.. Kizz too, he's the biggest I've ever seen him! lol

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