Our trail to happiness !

Our trail to happiness !

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

May 2nd/14 Kizz picks it up a notch!

My friend Robyn brings her mare Bambi home for the first time ever,  and is so happy to have her home.

Not long after her mare gets home she wants to go for a ride (bigger balls than me yup lol)

We agree where we will meet, I come home and tack up and head down the road.. Coby and Dream BOTH yell to him as we leave (Our winter boarder filly left just that week so she's feeling  lonely!)

Kizz amazes me and is super well behaved and trots off to the right down the Maple Ridge Rd . He is very hyper and we barely hold it together, but the spooking at mail boxes and such is gone thank goodness!

He is great the whole way down other than he is super hyper! At one point he picks up a canter but bucks a little with every stride so I pull him back! brat!!

 I'm holding him back ,and am basically in two point the whole way as I can't even post to his trot! We canter a bit at the bottom of the hill and he is perfect .. it takes us less than 30 minutes to meet up with my buds down almost to Kaaren's...

They end up behind me as we miss on the trail  (I came down much faster than they expected ;) haha )
and when I turn and ride up to them I'm happy to see them !  Kizz is too, we have never went that long on the road before all alone without meeting someone.. He seemed to be wondering where all his buds were!

So excited and happy for her! we meet my friend Robyn with Bambi!! yahoo!!

Kaaren's daughter- Breah & Magic, Kaaren & Odin and Robyn & Bambi

We head out on the trail and Kizz seemed to be worried about Kaaren's dog "Riley" even though he didn't mind/notice her once the last ride out we did !!

This is the 1st time we have rode with 3 other horses... he's quite excited and I have to hold hi back the whole time and one rein stop a couple times... he bouncy canters some too... what a terd! I'm feeling blisters coming on my ring finger on my right hand!! :O

We don't ride a whole lot longer as Kaaren has to leave to go to work, and I don't really think I should go too much farther as that was quite a long but fast ride down the road to meet them and I have the huge Maple Ridge hill to go back up to get home..

So Robyn and I split up at the cross roads where she heads to her house.. Kizz whinnies to her mare and her mare whinnies back but Awesome horses that they are , they both behave and move along good for us!!

I make my way home , Kizz is still super hyper and we canter or trot most of the way.. when we get home he is sweaty but not as bad as that first ride ( I think the deep snow had him worried the last ride) and he seems to cool out quick after we get home.. Was a GREAT ride!!!!! (especially for our second ride out of the year!!)

Next up is a clinic we will attend a coupe hours away with another friend Amanda and her beautiful war horse "Bronwyn" This is my first Clinic ever and I 'm soooo nervous !! hope I don't make a fool of myself ,  I know I have horrible habits and haven't had proper instruction since I was ....12 maybe?!?! I NEVER rode English since I was 9 ... I post horrible..

Hopefully the clinic coach (Mitch Barbour)  is pretty forgiving .. but Since I've heard he teaches kids camps with much success I have faith he will put up with me!! :)

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