Our trail to happiness !

Our trail to happiness !

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

April 18th /14- first Spring ride out on trails!!!!

April 18th -Our first conditioning ride of the year! Not quite on trails but close - at least we are outside!

I haven't rode since April 4th! So I'm a little nervous. I don't know how hyper he is going to be and how he is going to act leaving home and leaving Coby - who is probably going to whinny like a fool! Meeting up with Kaaren on Odin & Robyn on magic at the ditch off the camp road!

We tack up and head down the Maple Ridge road !
Kizz leaves quietly and sweetly! Coby doesn't whinny at all! Kizz and I walk slowly down the road. He is looking at everything like he's never seen it before. Haha spooks at a few mail boxes and garbage bins and even gives me some little bucks twice! But we push on. I get to the field at Tim's to go down to the camp road. He is hesitant to walk on the snow /ice that cracks when we step on it but goes ok. Until we get to the bottom of it where the snow is fairly deep and we sink quite a bit. He won't go on (and it's a long road so I figure that doesn't look fun) so I text Robyn telling her I'm heading home and won't be meeting them.

She replys and says they're right there and to wait they'll head up to meet me. Kizz and I wait. It isn't long until he hears them. He tries to go ahead and meet them but sinks a bit so he gets nervous and shakes some. So I talk quietly and wait. When they get closer we go out onto the road and head towards them. It is only a few feet and we stop sinking so bad! How nice! We meet up and decide to go out onto the rail way and go a ways.

The railway is great footing! Not sinky at all. Just a hard snow. We meet up with some cross country skiers and the horses take offence. Kizz is pretty good other than he is hyper to go go!

Haha them we turn and head back. I go always  along with them past my trail to the camp road. He is super hyper. I trot along with Kaaren (both horses doing super slow canters trying their best to be fast but behave. Haha) then I go ahead and kizz isn't happy to stay behind magic he wants to pass. So after we are all walking I do pass and trot ahead. He isn't so excited to race then haha

We turn and ride back to Kaaren and Robyn and say our goodbyes. First time ever kizz has left horses on the trail without a backward glance even! He didn't care at all!

We made our way home a lot more relaxed than going down! He whinnied and acted silly at the road right at home but I turned and rode away each time until he was quiet. Only one trip and he was good!

Sooo glad our first ride of the year went so well!! I didn't expect the bucking on the pave but it wasn't too bad we survived. And the racy attitude I expected so that was nothing new. He went through a little deep snow the first time ever and left horses on trail to come home the best he ever has!!

Yay for a great first ride of the year!!!

Robyn ahead of me on Kaaren's horse Magic, and Kaaren up front on Odin

Kizz after we get home :)

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